#NewInTown: 5 Reasons Why We Are Loving The Banjara Cafe In Delhi

Hello world! (Yes, Adele has been playing on mind, so please bear with the constant reference to the word ‘Hello’, at least for a while)

So, my friend NikoKnight and I are trying our best to bring to you some of the best places to travel, visit, eat, drink and make merry. Striving to make this blog a bible on how to live and not just survive. Profound, no?

Anyway, in a bid to do so, we explored a recently opened cafe at Karol Bagh by the name of Banjara and can I just say, it is an absolute delight. To not sound vague, I’ll back my claim with these five reasons why we are totally loving this new lounge on the block.

1. For Its Shakes

Other than the regular chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, there is the Oreo, Black-Forest, Ferrero Rocher, but Kitkat is our favorite. We had the first, and then a second and finally had to stop our gluttony after the third.

2. For The Hookah


Isn’t this reason enough? The hookah is pretty reasonably priced and they change the coal for free up to 4 times. What’s left to smoke after that anyway?

3. For The Decor


This is was my favorite part of the evening. Going by its name, it seemed like a travelers cafe and played on its speciality, sheeshas that were displayed all around. The walls were a mix of Banjara paintings and recycled records and CDs.

P.S- You’ll find people of different nationalities sitting around the cafe, which just adds to its touristy ambiance.

4. For The Music


Contrary to the cliche that you have to be loud to prove you’re a lounge, these guys have soft music, which allows you to have a real conversation with the person you’re sitting next to. It’s even better if you’re on your own, you can read that book in peace 🙂

5. For Their Kickass Christmas Party


If you don’t have any Christmas party yet, or even if you do, you should give some serious thought to attending their Christmas party. With unlimited food, drinks and sheesha, they will make sure you have a merry time this festive season.

Check the details of the party here.

Have a great time, you guys!

Contented Writer ❤ (With inputs from NikoKnight, of course!)


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