6 Ways to Boost Your Productivity at Work !

Here’s what I have learned in over two decades of my existence- Life is monotonous, especially once we start working. Well, there are always exception, but for most people who work straight 9 hours or more, can’t help but feel dull, bored and unproductive.

So here are the six ways that you can resort to to renew your energy and rekindle your romance with your work. No it’s not a love story, it’s a work story.

1. Lighting:
It is no secret that how lighting affects your mood. Lack of proper lighting can make you feel sleepy or cause headaches, which in turn leads to bad mood and, in the end, your productivity suffers. According to Michael Helander- ‘ Lighting does not only affects your visual conditions but also has an effect on our biological functions and emotions.’

So, here are few tips through which you can improve the lighting in your workplace:
#Choose a workspace that is closer to natural light.
#Consider using light therapy devices like HappyLight® Deluxe EnergyLamp or Happylight Liberty® 5K Natural Spectrum® Energy Lamp

2. Fragrance
Our sense of smell can powerfully affect our mood. It can lift up your spirit and makes you happy instantly. Try using different fragrance in your workplace. There are various scents that help in improving the focus. For example

#Pine: Increases alertness
#Lavender: Helps to relax you during a stressful work day
#Cinnamon: Improves focus
#Citrus: Wakes you up and lifts your spirits
#Peppermint: Lifts your mood

While in Office, you can keep these essential oils in your bag or drawer.

3. Bring in Nature

Image Courtesy: crateandbarrel.com

Plants in office increase your happiness and productivity. You can keep a small plant pot or bonsai on your table. The more convenient and stylish option is a Terrarium.

4. Bring out an artist in you

Decorate your workspace with drawings, crafts and inspiring quotes. Play with colors. Create something that you haven’t tried before like origami or doodling and display it in your workplace.


5. Display your talents


It has been found that the reason behind the lack of productivity of employees in an organisation is Lack of Confidence. Displaying your talents on your workspace. This will help in regulating and balancing feelings of confidence.


6. Plan


Plan your week/month/year. Write down the things according to priority. Make a list of things you have achieved, Things you are proud of, things you need to work on, etc. on your birthday or the New Year. This will create self-awareness and will make you more focused.



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