#NewInTown: Cafe Why Not Comes As A Breath Of Fresh Air

Satyaniketan in Delhi, popular among people as the South Campus of Delhi University is bustling with activity on a usual day- thanks to the colleges that surround the area.

There is a deluge of restaurants that give you umpteen food and drink options to choose from. But you can’t possibly try all of them, can you? So NikoKnight and I spent the entire weekend in that neighbourhood trying as many restaurants as we could, and we have a clear favourite- Cafe Why Not!

What’s different about it, you ask? Okay, to start with, we absolutely loved the Wood Fire Thin Crust Pizza. The igloo-shaped oven gives you a delicious pizza and thanks to the chef, the amount of cheese and toppings on the pizza is also quite generous. We love ❤

Image Source: facebook.com/cafewhynotindia

A personal recommendation will be their Lemonade and Watermelon Mojito served in mason jars. They are such lovely colors, they taste good, and anything served in a huge glass jar is such a photo-worthy item. It sorts of serves the purpose of all those #Foodgasm Instagram lovers, one of them being us. 🙂

Image Source: facebook.com/cafewhynotindia

The ambience is young, interesting and vibrant with a Social Media Wall where you get a chance to get featured. Just click a picture of the great time you’ve had at the cafe and the next time you visit, you could see yourself or your picture on this ‘wall of fame’. Here’s a proof:

Image Source: facebook.com/cafewhynotindia

For all you sheesha lovers, you MUST TRY the Cafe Why Not Special sheesha, which, from what I could guess was a mixture of brainfreezer, x on the beach, silverfox and a few more.

So try this new cafe in town and tell us if you agree.

Check out their Facebook Page for more details: Cafe Why Not

Lots of travel and food to you

Contented Writer ❤

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