Start 2016 With These 5 Travel Resolutions


Because it’s New Year and ‘weight-loss and financial savings’ are too mainstream as New Year resolutions, why don’t you try having travel resolutions this year instead?

We love travelling and have no qualms advocating that you don’t truly live unless you’ve travelled. And no amount of travelling is ever enough!

So here’s what you need to promise yourself by the end of 2015 to have a fulfilling 2016, at least in the travelling department.

1. Explore Two New Places This Year

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Let’s start small! Promise yourself to explore at least two new places this year. They could cities/ states closer home or some new countries, but your travel journal should have two additions to the ‘places you’ve visited’ list.

2. Maintain A Travel Journal

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Never underestimate the power of writing! If you keep a record of where you’ve travelled and your experiences, it just inspires you to keep going. And of course, what better way to document your journey?

3. Say No To Pictures 

Here’s the deal- imagine you’re living in the 90s and take a trip to any place without a smartphone, laptop or camera. Okay, for safety sake, carry a phone that allows only calls. But avoid ‘socializing’ completely.

They don’t just say it- these trips actually allow you to get in touch with yourself! And believe me, ‘Alone-ness’ is not overrated. It’s blissful!

4. Learn Something About The Place You’re Visiting

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It could be a few new words of their local language, a religious practice they follow or a special meal they cook, but learn something new about the place you’re visiting with each trip.

You’ll be surprised how much more you will know by the end of the year. A lot more than any book can ever teach you.

5. Collect Mementos

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Bring back a small token from the place you’re visiting every time you travel and keep them in front of your eyes. You know how that helps? It acts as constant motivation to keep going back to newer places and adding to the collection.

So, which is the first place you’re travelling to this year?

More Travel To You!


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