5 GIFs That Will Satiate Your Wanderlust

2016 is here, which is great, but the beginning of New Year means the end of the holiday season. And I, for one, can’t deal with the idea of not traveling for one whole month. #WorkCommitments

But, you gotta do what you gotta do!

So, in a bid to kill some time and snap out of this depression, I started looking at some GIF images on giphy.com and my life changed. (I’m exaggerating!) But what did really change is my mood and I can now spend the rest of the days at work, happily waiting and planning my next vacation.

So here are the 5 GIFs that satiated my wanderlust and may help you too:

1. The Mountain Shot


2. The One With The View


3. Road Tripping!


4. Beach Walking


5. Into The Wild



I am sorry, but I am starting to feel that this article will make you a lot more miserable about not being able to travel!

But such is life, dearies!

Wishing you more travel in 2016.


Contented Writer ❤

GIF Source: www.giphy.com




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