Dealing With A Broken Heart? Travelling Will Help!

Before we reach February and start talking about all the places you must visit this love season, here’s a little something for those with a broken heart. The whole process of getting your heart broken and then dealing with it can be quite painful. We get it!

While some people think otherwise, I believe travelling is the best way to handle this situation. No, it’s not running away from circumstances, it is a well-deserved break from all the drama you’ve just been through. So here’s why taking a trip to your favorite destination can instantly make you feel better.

1. It Acts As A Distraction


Anyone who is dealing with an unwelcoming situation in life needs a distraction because our mind is really weird. It just keeps going back to thinking things that have troubled us, and if you’re an overthinker, God bless your soul! So visiting new places changes everything around you and allows you a few moments of solitude. You can cry all you like without having to explain anyone what you’re feeling and why!

2. It Gives You Time To Introspect


I feel introspection of self is really underrated. People don’t take themselves seriously and don’t find it necessary to understand their emotions and deal with their feelings. Not cool! Spend time alone if you’re feeling pained and take all the time you need to heal that broken heart.

P.S- You’ll be surprised to know how strong/ emotional/ dependent/ independent you are on things!

3. There Is Always A Chance To Meet New People

first meet

Once you’ve taken a day or two, even three, to get your act together, it’s time to come out of the shell. No one’s asking you to jump into the dating pool again, but meeting new people is always nice. If nothing, you’ll gain a new experience.

People have different ways of coping with stress in their life, but remember this-

Travelling is the answer to almost every problem in the world!

Lots of love

Contented Writer ❤


4 Comments Add yours

  1. arv! says:

    Great reasoning…


    1. Haha! You bet! It’s personal experience talking.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Snomzi says:

    Agree with all three…especially the second point…made me realise that I don’t need to depend on someone to make me happy!

    Liked by 1 person

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