Here’s Why Dating A Person Who Travels Makes Your Life Better!

Sunday is the Happy Birthday of ‘the crazy, little thing called love’. February 14th has always intrigued me. Such is the power of the day, a certain unseen force takes people over and they frantically start looking for their better half, their soul mate, the one they can love and cherish all their life! It’s not important how they treat them the rest of the year, they’ll be on your best behaviour this day- Valentine’s Day!

So while you’re at it, spend some time reading my two cents about love and dating! But I am no love expert, so why would you want to listen to what I have to say? Well, maybe not love, but travelling is definitely my expertise and if nothing, I can tell you why your life will get better if you date a person who travels.

1. They are more flexible and accepting

It’s no rocket science to understand that as a traveller, a person has to be prepared for the worst and learn to accommodate with the bare minimum, sometimes lesser. This makes people like us extremely flexible.

And of course, we spend so much time with people from different cultures, religions and ideologies, we learn to agree, disagree as well as agree to disagree with them. Actually, let’s just say, we ace at peaceful co-existence.

2. They’ll show you the world in a different light

Romantic dinner on the beach in luxury restaurant.jpg

So the great thing about frequent travellers is that they understand the art of travelling. Yes, I say art because that’s exactly what it is! And anyone who has or is in the process of painting the canvas of their footprints across the world will know the difference between being a tourist and being an explorer.

Every time you’ll visit a place; you’ll get some new information about it- even if you have visited it 10 times before. All thanks to that travel loving partner of yours*

*It goes without saying that your partner has to be familiar with the place!

3. They understand the concept of giving and needing space

Yes, this is easily the best part of dating a traveller! If your schedule permits, they’ll be happy to take you wherever they go. But will also know when to travel alone and leave you alone every once in a while.

There will be no fights if you say no to one of their plans. You are a priority, but so is travelling. So they will continue with their plans if you aren’t available, and you’re free to spend your time as you like. Doesn’t just the sound of it make you love the person a lot more? I can only imagine how it’ll be spending time with someone like that!

P.S- I am kidding! I exactly know how it feels 🙂

4. They’ll always have a story to tell


Nothing better than Ibn Battuta’s this quote can explain what I am trying to say.

Travelling- It leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller

Even if you aren’t travelling, be rest assured, your partner will have enough anecdotes from their crazy journeys to keep you entertained for a lifetime!

These are just four, there could be a hundred more! But I hope what I say makes sense to you. I know it will, to my fellow travellers, at least 🙂

Spread the love and travel a lot this #VDay!


Contented Writer ❤



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