9 Photographers To Follow On Instagram

Since we are all about spreading happiness and love, we bring you the 9 best Instagram accounts of great photographers that you need to follow. These have been shortlisted after extensive research and worth every minute of your time.

Any number of adjectives are insufficient to explain their art and the passion they project through their photographs. Happy exploring:

1. Aakash Naresh (Instagram: @photosandpeace)

Source: Instagram (photosandpeace)

His Instagram profile includes photographs of adventurous sojourns and trekking in the Himalayan mountains.

2. Abhinav Singhai (Instagram: @abhinavinsta)

Jama Masjid
Source: Instagram (abhinavinsta)

His view of things through his fisheye lens- splendid!

3. Arushi Sablania (Instagram: @melancholy_and_magic)

Source: Instagram (melancholy_and_magic)

As her account suggests, melancholy, magic and everything in between! 🙂

4. Nameeta Prakash (Instagram: @namabird)

Source (Instagram: namabird)

The photography is unusual but really impressive. You’re missing something if you aren’t following this account.

5. Jay Thakkar (Instagram: @bombayed)

Source: Instagram (bombayed)

For a person surviving on borrowed cameras (as his bio suggests), he’s doing pretty well for himself.

6. Avisha Chaudhary (Instagram: @avu3)

Source: (Instagram: @avu3)

Her photographs are an honest portrayal of everything that’s going around her. Beautiful may be an understatement!

7. Abhinav Chandel (Instagram: @abhiandnow)

Source: Instagram (@abhiandnow)

His bio explains it all- Abhinav Chandel’ s pictures, poems and stories on the road.

8. Vivek Soni (Instagram: @sonivivek)

Streets of India
Source: Instagram (sonivivek)

Awesome photography and incredible designing skills.

9. And in the end, follow US!

Restaurants in Delhi
Source: Instagram (ourtravelshoes)

As they say, save the best for the last! Yes, modesty is not a trait 🙂

Travel experiences of ‘Niko Knight’ and ‘Contented Writer’. Hope our voyage inspires to make your travel memories.

Happy Travel To You !

Love ❤
NikoKnight (with insights from Contented Writer!)

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  1. gvcaplas says:

    Its nice to know about them 🙂


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