5 Outfit Ideas For Your Next Mountain Vacation

As you know, summer is here, and most of us will be planning a vacation to the hills to escape the scorching heat of the season. For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind while planning a vacation is – “I have nothing to wear” or “What outfits to pack and what not to?”
Don’t worry! We have solution to all your problems.

Here are the 5 outfits you can rock on your chilly vacation

1. A warm beanie and a scarf

Image Credit: Pinterest

2. I prefer just an over-sized cardigan

Image Credit: Pinterest

3. You can never go wrong with a sweater

Image Credit: Pinterest

4. A good pair of Boots!

boots (1).jpg
Image Credit: Pinterest

5. A cool backpack! 

Bagpacks (1).jpg
Image Credit: Pinterest

Do share your outfit ideas with us  on @ourtravelshoes on twitter and instagram or comment below. 🙂

Love ❤
NikoKnight :*


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