Spellbinding Scotland Of Jamie And Claire For Outlander Fans

If you have watched Outlander, then you will love this one. My love for Outlander started when I stumbled upon this series while searching for some historical shows on Netflix. The show is based on a story of two star-crossed lovers – Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) during the Jacobite uprisings of the 18th century. The show captures the heart of audience with the concept of time travel, the Highlander way of life, ancient and mysterious standing stones, dramatic castles, magnificent stately homes and breathtaking landscapes of Scotland. And of course, the title song – ‘The Skye Boat.’

I have recently finished the show and still mourning. Hence, this article!

So, embark on this inspiring journey of Jamie and Claire’s world with me and look at Scotland in a newer light.

P.S- You can also visit these places whenever you’re taking to Scotland next!

1. Craigh na Dun – Rannoch Moor, Perthshire

Callanish stones at sunset, Scotland
Craigh na Dun

From where everything started, Claire touching the stones and traveling to the Scotland of the 18th century, the landscape of Rannoch Moor is quite a magical place.

2. Castle Leoch – Doune Castle in Perthshire

Doune Castle in Perthshire

Claire comes to Castle Leoch for the first time with Dougal and company and becomes the McKenzie clan’s official Healer.

3. Fort Williams – Blackness Castle

Fort Williams

The fort of everything bad and gory by “Black Jack” Randall, whether it’s being Jamie flogged or raped, this place will give you major creeps.

4. Inverness – Falkland, Fife

Falkland, Fife

This is the place where Claire comes with her husband (Frank Randall) for their second honeymoon in the first episode of the first season and then again with her and Jamie’s daughter in the last episode of the second season.

5. Claire and Jamie’s wedding venue – Glencorse Old Kirk, Midlothian

Glencorse Old Kirk

The place where the first good thing happened – Claire and Jamie tied the knot. This 17th-century abbey near the foothills of the Pentland Hills is indeed a special spot for all of us.

6. Lallybroch – Midhope House

Outlander 2014

Lallybroch, also known as Broch Tuarach – Jamie’s home! It is a 6th-century tower house near Edinburgh. You can admire it from a distance.

7. The MacKenzie Village – Highland Folk Museum

Outlander 2014
Highland Folk Museum

This detailed Folk Museum in Newtonmore features replicas of traditional turf-roofed Highland crofts, which made it an ideal Outlander filming location.

But ye ken this already, eh?

Niko Knight ❤ 

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