Neemrana: When History Meets Luxury

I have always been attracted towards history and historical places, and my friend #ContentedWriter to luxurious stays. I always use to choose travel destinations that included mostly UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Chittorgarh, Khajuraho, etc. And #ContentedWriter – Andamans, Mumbai, and Goa, where she can enjoy the luxurious hotels, go partying and chill by the beach.

But this time, when #ContentedWriter was busy preparing for her GMAT, I got the opportunity to experience history and luxury at once. A stay at Neemrana Fort Palace was everything I had imagined and was much needed after my birthday trip to Goa. I missed #ContentedWriter a little but chose to explore the fort instead. 😛

Exploring the narrow pathways, numerous viewpoints with a sitting area, and watching the sunset from the pool – is mostly how I spent my time during the stay.

My room name was Garudh Mahal. And here’s how my fort exploring journey started on the first day. Have a look!

P.S More videos coming soon.








NikoKnight ❤ 


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