Rajasthan’s Hidden Gem, Surajgarh Fort Should Be Your Next Weekend Getaway Destination

Hello, you guys!

It’s been a while since we last met. NikoKnight tried her best to get me to write again, but I have been slacking and how! Anyway, I am back now with another travel escapade that is going to stay with me a long, long time. 

This year, we explored Rajasthan’s hidden gem, Surajgarh Fort. 185 km from Delhi, this place is comfortably settled in the narrow lanes of the Surajgarh District, away from the buzz of a cliche tourist attraction. We could have chosen to take a cab from Gurugram, the easiest option, but instead, we decided to ride a bike from Gurugram to Surajgarh. So badass, I know! 

Note: If you don’t have experience sitting on the bike for long durations, times can be testing, a little more for some parts of your body, if you know what I mean! 

The Fort


Literally meaning ‘The Castle of the Sun,’ Surajgarh was built to create employment opportunities for nearby villages by Thakur Suraj Mal. The palace has been restored to offer a royal stay to visitors, especially its suites that make you feel like you own the world. 

Equipped with a bottle of wine and sheesha, we planned to stay in the comforts of our room to ring in the New Year. But the people working at the fort had hosted a small celebration with some music, food and bonfire in the garden. After having spent a few hours watching the handful guests dance to some groovy music, we headed to the jharokha on the first floor to get the view of the entire city as we sipped on our wine. I couldn’t help but think how the king spent a day chilling at this place overlooking the beautiful village or how the queen stood there waiting for the king to get back from war. So royal! 

The next morning, we walked around the property and then visited the haveli nearby with restored art from the time the palace was established back in 1780. 30 mins to the spot, we were enchanted by the colours and designs that adorned the walls of the haveli. Such creativity, we were bowled over! 

We came to the fort by 2 PM and pretty much had the entire day to ourselves. Too cold to dip in the pool, we lounged around it soaking in the quietude of the palace. 

The Food


Food is a very important part of our lives and our travels, of course! So while our sources had told us the place is great, we didn’t hear much about the food. But we didn’t have much choice anyway, so we decided to try whatever was available on the fort’s menu. 

Finding authentic Rajasthani on the menu among other things, my choice of dishes was clear. And Niko Knight didn’t mind because, for her, Rajasthan is childhood, her roots. I am sure you didn’t know her ancestors belonged here, do you? 

Laal Maas and Ker Sangri with Tandoori Roti- our lunch mean was exceptionally well-prepared. Delectable, scrumptious, etc, etc, all those adjectives describing good food fit perfectly well here. 

After such a heavy lunch, I wasn’t sure how our system will react to another loaded meal. So we stuck to the basic dal khichdi with curd, and God, was I right or was I right? It was so, so delicious, and we woke up the next day with no signs of an upset stomach #FoodWin, I say! 

We spent one night, two days at this kickass destination and I, for one, have told Niko to get me here for my bachelorette too. It is the perfect place to have a relaxing weekend with your friends or celebrate your anniversary with your partner. So do yourself a favour and head to this place as soon as you can! 

Love and light, 

Contented Writer  ❤






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