OTS Feature: Being A Part Of A Bridesmaid Shoot!

Hello, you guys!

In between the travels we take, we spare moments to spend time with the people we love and one such occasion that is just around the corner is my best friend’s wedding.

A shout out to Ayushi Gandotra, who owns the fantastic Shop Till You Drop!

As her best friend, I know this is the most exciting time of her life, and she wants to make as many memories as she can. In a bid to do something fun, we decided to get all her favourite ladies together and click pictures looking pretty AF.

The outcome (which you will see in some time) was fantastic, but the process of getting these pictures was not half as glamorous. But this process did teach me how to be the perfect bridesmaid. Also, I needed a reason to share these pictures on a social platform because personal sharing is never enough, especially when one feels the pictures are so glam (talking about a friend, really! Not my idea)? Here how you can be #Bridesmaid101

1. Even if your rational self tells you that it isn’t a Christian wedding, you should still enthusiastically participate in a bridesmaids shoot. Why? Because you love the bride. Do it for her!

Pretty In White

How I convinced myself: She’s your best friend, R! Do it for her, and remember- a happier bride is always better than a bridezilla! You know what I mean!

2. Don’t have an opinion on what to wear for the shoot. Agree with the bride and her choice of clothes for you, especially on such occasions. It’s her wedding, not yours, let it be special! 

True Love Looks Something Like This

If the bride really loves you, your attire will not be a complete disaster. I trusted her and I don’t hate my outfit!

3. Wake up at 5 AM to reach the shooting location 


Apparently, you should never underestimate the power of good lighting! It is true, though! I mean, just look at these pictures!

4. Be nice to the other girls, even if they aren’t your favourite!

Who hates whom? Take a guess! 🙂

I know I am being too explicit about this, but believe me ladies, you cannot stand each other all the time. It’s not really a girl thing, how much can you bear people you barely know? But you do it for the bride, you love her after all!

P.S- If you totally love the bridesmaid sashes used as headbands, follow the fabulous Tisha Saraf

She always has some crazy ideas up her sleeve and exceptional fashion advice too! We love you, Tish ❤

5. Always remember, there’s free beer to keep you going!


And if you don’t do it during Navratris (unlike us), you could also go on a binge-fest by brunching at your favourite place in the city!  

But let’s be honest, this wasn’t the worst Sunday of my life. Would I want to do it again? Not so much… But looking at these pictures makes me really happy!

One with the groom
For the ones who didn’t get to attend an actual graduation ceremony!
It’s his wedding too! And his friends won’t agree to a shoot like this one

I have to tell you guys though, the groom is the cutest. Not only did he help us during the entire shoot, the poor boy also injured his foot to get the perfect click. You’re awesome, Heman! And while I am kind of promoting all my friends here, go follow Play Rabbits too.

Join me in wishing my best friend good luck for the next phase of her life. I love you, fatty! ❤

Location: Hauz Khas Fort

Photography: Tarun Singh Photography

Love and light,

Contented Writer ❤



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