A Dose Of Happiness- Dealing With A Broken Heart Is Easier This Way!

It’s break up season here at OTS- NikoKnight and I both are dealing with a broken heart. I was the first one to take the hit and she recently joined the club. When she came to me yesterday looking like a mess, I had an epiphany of sorts.

I couldn’t bear the sight of her obsessing over someone else’s shitty approach to life (I may be talking about myself too) and so I thought, it’s about time we do something to make ourselves feel better, and so we did.

We took off from work early and planned to binge on some sweets. Bakeries make us both happy. So we thought that if we have to talk, sulk, rant and even cry, why not have a banoffee pie by our side to make our lives better.

We reached Baani Square close to our workplace and spotted the Fat Butterfly.

Fat Butterfly at Baani Square

We could have gone to the more popular Cyber Hub or Sector 29, but I had my reasons for going to Baani Square. I frequented this place with my boyfriend, but I wanted to make new memories. This is important because now when I visit this place again, I will think about the time spent with NikoKnight rather than reminiscing the time spent with him, which is a much better idea!

Pro Tip: Be strong and make new associations with places and things that remind you the most of your ex. It will be easier to move on with your life!

The first thing we ordered is a banoffee pie and it looks something like this:

Banoffee Pie at Fat Butterfly

The whipped cream on top wasn’t as sweet as I would have liked, but overall it tasted pretty good.

Recommendation Scale: 3.5/5

But when is one sweet ever enough? Our next choice on the menu was a salted caramel with layers of chocolate cake:


Those guys suggest getting this warmed and having it with a serving of vanilla ice-cream. Listen to them! Well, if you try it just as it is, the caramel will be a little too salted and the chocolate sweetness is just not enough to balance the taste.

Recommendation Scale: 2.5/5

In between critiquing the food at Fat Butterfly with our limited knowledge, cracking lame jokes and laughing at the oddities of love and life in general, we were ready to leave for home feeling much better.

Smile- It makes everything better || Contented Writer ❤

We ended our little date at Central Mall Plaza in Gurgaon where you can find the Prince Pan Shop that sells sheesha that you can have in your car or take home on rent. We’re both sheesha fans so you know how happy we would have been at the end of the day!


Here’s something I realised by the end of the day:

  • It’s not necessary to stop what you’re doing to deal with a heartbreak. It may sound strange coming from an aspiring travel blogger, but you need to first rebuild your comfort zone in your everyday spaces before taking that big break from all the chaos and travelling.
  • Eat whatever makes you happy! So you’re all for health and fitness on a general day and so are we, or at least aspire to be. But at times like this when your mind wanders to places, it should visit the least, make yourself happy with a treat or two.
  • Friends > Lovers- And can I be honest? It’s much better if they’re in the same situation as you are. You don’t have to feel awkward about saying the same thing again and again
  • The most important- you don’t stop living. No one does! We all move on and it’s times like these that make you acknowledge the good times in life.

Love and light,

Contented Writer ❤

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