Food Love Has A New Meaning With Fateh Ki Kachori At Civil Lines!

So, I’ve lived in North Delhi for 20 years of my life, pretty close to Delhi University, and have had grown up eating the most amazing street food. From chole bhature at Chacha’s to maggi at Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point, I’ve had it all.  The closest to my heart and most appealing to my palate is kachori from Fateh Ki Kachori in Civil Lines.

I first had this when I was 10 and couldn’t believe my mother for introducing it to me so late in life. My father, an alumnus of St. Xavier’s School, Delhi often spoke about how he would eat a plate every second day after school and many times, even got it packed as an evening snack for his family. Too bad I never got a chance to eat it with him, but better late than never 🙂

Anyway, NikoKnight here clearly didn’t know of this North Delhi gem so I took it upon myself to take her there. And we did it today, bunking work. I did it after the longest time and it made me so, so happy!

Here’s what our experience was like:

Fateh Chand Kachori, Civil Lines

I spoke to the very kind gentlemen who take care of this stall and they told me that the stall has been around for 70 years now and also claimed that the taste remain unchanged. I’ve been eating for about 16 years now and it really is the same!

Look at them beauties! 😀
Kachoris at Civil Lines


The best part is this kachori isn’t served with the usual aloo ki sabzi (spiced potato curry). He uses boiled chanas (chickpeas) instead and garnishes it with raw onions and a special tamarind chutney and masala. Writing about this is making me drool, for real!


Contended Writer couldn’t stop smiling after this binge fest!

The next time you’re in North Delhi, you must, must try this!



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