#NikoKnight Tries The Locus City Cards – Jor Bagh

Going places and capturing them on my camera or 5 years back on my HTC mobile phone has always been something I love doing. And it was photography that made me realise that I can be a travel writer too. But from the past three years, I have only been writing about destinations and not visiting them. And even if I travel, I capture the place from a tourist perspective.

Capturing heritage places and nooks n corners of Delhi was always first love. I remember how much I used to go on photo walks every weekend. But my 9 to 5 job restricted me to go back to my old routine and weekends were left for completing my sleep. (I know this is an excuse for not taking out my camera more often)

Anyway, I was already frustrated for not doing photography and developing my skills and sulking about it. A post from Blueberry Trails featuring me as one of the Top Street Photographers gave me the motivation I desperately needed.

So, I decided to do a fun photography project that will allow me to capture the beautiful city that Delhi is. I decided to try out Locus City Cards for Delhi that I stole from Lemon Tree Hotel 😛 to check if the trail can be covered in a day. The bright side of doing this – I will be exploring and clicking more and writing about it here for you guys to read. 🙂


Here is the map of places for us to explore Jor Bagh

Safdarjung Tomb


So, my Sunday started like this:

I met an old friend from college at Jor Bagh Metro Station, and while waiting for him, I clicked a few pictures of our agenda for the day.

Jor Bagh Metro Station


Our first stop was Safdarjung’s Tomb.

Located at a walking distance from Jor Bagh Metro Station, this place is a must-visit if want to explore something less crowded for photography.



Second stop was Humayun’s Tomb.

We took fun pictures, explored the surrounding and had food while defending ourselves from the Eagles. It was a good day.



Expert tip: Humayun’s Tomb is just opposite to Indraprastha Park but takes a lot of time to travel. You can get amazing shot of the tomb from the park including the rail track in between them.


Shanti Stupa in Indraprastha Park from Humayun’s Tomb



Third Stop – Lodhi Gardens.

I have visited this place so many times in college and after college. But every time, you find something new to capture here. We spent 1.5 hours here watching pre-wedding shoots, kids on school picnics and senior citizens walking. Also, made new furry friends ❤


Lodhi Garden


After roaming the Jor Bagh area for the whole day, we were so tired and decided to end the trail.

We were so famished but your girl had to finish the trail!

So, we decided to go to the All American Diner at India Habitat Center (You see my smartness? :P) The food was amazing. I think we ordered in bulk – 4 plates of chilli and normal fries, a burger and 2 glasses of shakes.



After exploring the IHC and getting lost while finding the washrooms, I realised how much I enjoy doing this and I decided to do this more often. 🙂 I promised myself to use my camera more often and develop my photography skills because this is what makes me and keeps me motivated.


P.S I missed the Lutyen’s Bunglow Zone. Hence, the one day trail is unreasonable.


Let me know if you want me to do more parts of  Locus Trail? And share if you like the post.

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Much Love ❤




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  1. arv! says:

    Quite an achievement to be featured as a great local photographer. Keep at it, girl! Congrats! Great picture on this post.


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