Review: Innisfree Body Cleansers

If you follow us on Instagram, you will know that I am a huge fan of K-Beauty products. From sheet masks to peel offs to toners, your girl has tried it all. Recently, on, I purchased a lot of Korean beauty products, and in an offer, I received a travel-friendly kit of 3 body cleanser from Innisfree India – Wild Berry, Cedar Wood and Daphne
Its summers and monsoons (as a matter of fact, round the year) and we all want to smell perfect. And with this humidity and sweat, no matter how much perfume we apply, we still aren’t able to hide that foul body odour. Well, I don’t sweat so much, which is not good at all because the toxins stay in my body. But, I know people whose odour is hard to ignore 😛 (If you can’t tell them, write about it in your blog).
Anyhow, getting back to the product, Innisfree cleansers like their other products smell heavenly. The range of three caters to everyone’s preference of fragrances.
The application of these cleansers is similar to every other cleanser in the world – You pour an appropriate amount onto a bath sponge, create a lather to massage onto the entire body and rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.
Inspired by the nature of Jeju Island, the product is filled with delicate and rich fragrance. As claimed it offers
1. Abundant and dense bubbles filled with the fragrance of Jeju Island
2. A formula of natural surfactant to give greater moisture to your skin
3. Clean and fragrant cleansing for a more pleasant shower
The Wild Berry Cleanser has a fruity and floral smell and is perfect for people who like strong scents.
The Cedar Wood has a subtle and fresh fragrance such as lime or lemongrass. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it mostly smells like The BodyShop Olive body wash.
The Daphne is a cute purple colour bottle and looks so pretty. It gives a cooling sensation to the skin and feels refreshing during summers.
My verdict: 
Unlike other body washes, the cleansers provide the right amount of moisture to the skin and give a sensation of being thoroughly cleansed. You can even avoid using lotions in the summers; it’s that good. However, the fragrance doesn’t stay for too long, but then that would be asking too much.

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